Providing Reliable Products for Energy and Water Managment


Project Products
- Delivering interpretation ready projects.
- Project housekeeping and Database development
- Project upgrading
- Workflow generation for existing projects

Geophysical Products
- Offsite interpretation
- Fault modeling
- Fracture estimation
- Seismic attribute generation and ANT tracking

Geological Products
- Complex aquifer and reservoir characterization.
- Detailed facies modeling
- Petrophysical log analysis and model characterization
- Volumetric cases and probabilistic volumetrics

Simulation Products
- Integration products between geology and reservoir engineering
- Grid rebuilds for simulation
- ECLIPSE and MODFLOW ready projects

Integration Products
- Cross disciplinary models
- Workflow creation and advanced workflows

Evolutionary Products
- Utilizing workflows for anticipated future work
- Time saving workflows
- Work replication for uncertainty analysis
- Idea testing workflows


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