Planning, Deployment and Management of Information Systems as they relate to Energy, Water and Natural Resources


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Basin studies

Reservoir Characterization
Full field analysis
Depletion programs
Project Management
Operational oversight

Property acquisition evalutations

Reservoir Engineering
3D modeling
Business Development

System Administration
- Installations, updates, licensing

Data Management
- Data loading, project setup, seismic management, interp ready projects, data QC, custom database development and integration
- Geographic Information Systems (GIS) expertise and spatial database development.

Technical Support
- Cross discipline modeling
- Cross team modeling
- Departmental resource
- Predictive Fracture modeling
- Real-time modeling for drilling support using LWD/MWD data

User Support / Best Practice / Mentoring / Training
- Resources for established or developing EarthVision/Gocad/PETREL/RMS users
- Hints, tips, best practice, assistance, collaboration

Project Integration
- Resource within a specific project.
- Exploration data integration
- Integration within one active depository of project ideas and status

Team Integration
- Resource within a specific team.
- Production/development team integration
- Integration of multi disciplinary technical work
- Development and presentation of current Team "view"
- Enhance communication between disciplines

Ops Geology / Real Time Drilling Support
- Pre drill preparation of data, uncertainty and geo model
- Follow well operations. Daily updates of data and model.
- Uncertainty analysis
- Updated model at any time
- Probabilistic volumetrics

  • Probabilistic volumetrics based upon an understanding of geological uncertainty and its incorporation into 3D geomodels is becoming an industry standard approach to decision making.

Remote Assistance and Expert Cover
- Using remote login solutions, FTP sites and portable licenses
- Assistance at any level at any time
- Emergency site visits
- Cover for holidays, maternity/paternity etc


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