Reliable and High Quality Software Development


Numeric Solutions Consultants have many years of problem solving within the limitations of geomodeling software using complex workflows or scripting. Also, in collaboration with the Numeric Solutions software, we have the ability to rewrite aspects of software or utilize API coding and plug-in utilities to provide answers to clients' questions. Our strong experience and background from both G&G and software development, puts us in a strong position to rapidly develop commercial software solutions.

We are aiming at establishing Numeric Solutions as a
strong and independent software vendor through:

- Development of commercial and easy-to-use software
- Providing reliable and high quality software development services

Our goal is to deliver better and faster software solutions extending, improving and speeding up work flows within the Geology&Geophysics and Reservoir Engineering domains.

Petrel, Gocad, and Earthvision plug-ins and add-ons.

We have, in the past, developed plugins or 3rd party modules that can be used from within Petrel, Gocad or Earthvision. Also we have done extensive G&G database development supporting the aforementioned modeling applications as well as mapping and GIS packages.


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